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Breakaway Roping is one of the fastest-growing women's sports in the USA today. Videos documenting the action from jackpots and rodeos are on this playlist arranged from the oldest to the most recent.

This is a timed event similar to tie-down roping with penalties for breaking the barrier and improperly thrown loops, but the ropers do not need to dismount. The tail of the rope is tied to the roping horn with a small string and flag. The stopwatch is stopped when the rope gets stretched out long enough to break the string. The fastest times are generally within 2-4 seconds.

I documented the Story Vest Memorial Roping in Childress, Texas the first week of May. The roping series included breakaway and tie-down competitions.

I discovered there are some good ropers competing in the UPRA-sanctioned rodeos such as the Wellington Pro Rodeo

Here are the top junior ropers in one of the Three Star Memorial Roping events documented in Amarillo, Texas.

The Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping in Hereford, Texas also sees some stiff roping competition.


I am trying a bit harder to cover more of these events during 2023 and I would love to receive your recommendations of breakaway jackpots in your area to add to my travel schedule shown below. Please Contact Us


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