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Old West Buffalo Company

I am always looking for stories related to the American Bison in The American Heartlands and while I was exploring Pawhuska, Oklahoma I discovered there is the Old West Buffalo Company just a few miles west of town. Not only do they raise Bison but they also allow the public to visit the ranch and interact with them up close. 

Besides providing education about the history and significance of America's most iconic mammal, they also host entertainment venues such as weekly dinner theaters and an annual Bison Day celebration that sounds so fun that I want to go when it is held in November. I hope you enjoy the shortened close experience tour I had along with a few other visitors below.

Bison Close Encounter

Note that there are no species of Buffalo that are native to the Americas And Bison are not related to Buffalo. But they were called such by people who immigrated to North America from the East.


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