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Crazy Horse Monument

The 2023 season of competition in The American Heartlands begins with the annual Wiley Hicks Jr Memorial Roping competition held in the ANC Arena of the Tri-state Exposition in Amarillo, Texas. The 14.5 and 13.5 classes were documented in full by round. Should any of the rounds be limited for viewers by YouTube, those videos will still be available to channel members and can also be viewed without restrictions on the American Heartlands Channel on Rumble. 

The videos available on this page are examples from the full event. The rest of the videos from 2023 and prior can be found on the Team Roping playlist for all team roping competitions or you can search on YouTube for Wiley Hicks Jr. Memorial Roping. for a list limited to the series.

The announcer at these events is Reed Flake who sounds great in this arena and always does a great job including the Spicer Gripp Memorial Roping held in Hereford, Texas.  He also has his own YouTube channel! @TheRodeoVideo

There were three rotations of teams and the videos above and below complete all teams entered in the #14.5 class.


All the videos from this roping series are listed on the Team Roping playlist. The top 20 teams in the class finished out the $14.5 Short Go.


Next up was the #13.5 Class with three rotations and those videos are next to be published on Tuesdays.

Now that you have seen all the 13.5 teams, we find out who winds up in the Short Round and who wins the money and other prizes.


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This is a WSTR Sanctioned Roping in memory of Wiley Hicks Jr. where 100% of the proceeds go to the local charity Hope & Healing Place.

Not all the videos are available on this page but they can be found on the Team Roping playlist in chronological order. 


Wiley Hicks Jr. Memorial Roping | Facebook

Hope & Healing Place | Website

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