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The American Heartlands cover most of the land region in the United States. People who live in large urban areas refer to it as "fly-over country" when you hear them talk about rural areas in the media. What if they could sit and watch videos about places, people, and communities, that they depend on, without a lot of slick production and hype?

Real unscripted people and events or tours of the local attractions, adventures, and natural areas are opportunities I seek as I explore The American Heartlands and share my findings with you!

To clear up any confusion, I have an American Heartlands playlist on Dusty Reins Stories. you can watch the embedded below or you can choose to pop it out to view directly on YouTube.

 The playlist of videos does not include many of the livestock-related videos I publish including rodeos.

I also have the American Heartlands Channel on Rumble where all recent videos posted to YouTube get cloned plus the videos that YouTube has restricted. Rumble doesn't have playlists yet but I will show you one of those YouTube-restricted videos below.


All Americans owe a large part of our quality of life to those who grow our food. Small communities have grown up near those farmers and ranchers to supply their needs to harvest which then needs to be processed and distributed.

Here is an example of how wheat was threshed on farms at a time when new machines made it possible to do more faster with fewer manhours, America became the breadbasket of the world for the first time.

Compare that to today's farmers who can harvest a cotton crop all by themselves!


I grew up in West Texas but I have lived in/or worked in some of the largest cities in America. I went through Journalism School at Texas Tech University in the '70s when most Americans trusted the news media. I hope I can earn your trust as a documentarian capturing life today for tomorrows' history. The days of traveling to a community just for a public event are coming to a close  A best effort will be made to document other aspects of the community and the people who live there. The town of Clarendon, Texas is a community I have been to many times and yet there is more I can do and share.

There is a lot more content I want to add to this page but check back for updates on the HOME page for all things new and my tweets on Twitter!

Explore with me in the rural heart of the USA! If you would like to offer any tips or suggestions then pass them along here: Contact Us and share your #AmericanHeartlands




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