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Crazy Horse Monument

The Wilbarger County Historical Museum is largely the product of a single man, Preston Carey, who has been collecting artifacts tied to the county practically all of his life. The museum is located in the old county museum  The hosted tour took much longer than I expected but I loved every minute.

The artifacts all together tell fascinating stories about the people of the county, their character, culture, and industry. I was actually surprised to discover how much local manufacturing industry there has been in the county.  The people were as tough as the area of Texas they lived in as we see in part two of the tour.

The personal knowledge Preston has of the provenance of the hundreds of artifacts is worth its weight in gold. An oral inventory would be a great way to help achieve all that information before his memory begins to fade.

The video above reveals how much work has gone into the building and there is much more to be done. These videos along with tours of other museums can be found on the Museum Tours playlist. If you work for a county museum, Contact Us!


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