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Crazy Horse Monument

My first visit to the park was after the last remaining genetically pure remnants of the Southern Heard of American Bison were donated to the State of Texas and moved from the JA Ranch to the park as the official State of Texas Bison Herd. That was during the days when I was working as a still photographer and I would need to look for some of the photos to show here.

An intended visit to the Tongue River and 6666 ranches from Amarillo should always include Caprock Canyons so I spent two partial days hunting for "red dogs".  The video at the top of the page proves I was successful! 

While shooting that evening, I also scouted around for some clues showing where the herd might be moving in the morning. Bison get hot easily during summer and mostly move to and from feeding grounds morning and evening. Early in the morning, I managed to get ahead of most of the herd to record from a good vantage point if not a bit dicey location. We can see Buck waiting patiently on the other side of the road too!

The herd wound up going into a heavily wooded canyon and there were no more opportunities to see them in numbers. The next easiest prey to capture before needing to leave the park was the prairie dogs and they were easy to locate on the edge of some RV campgrounds and a main road.

There are more videos from that visit you can see listed on my Nature playlist.


Caprock Canyons State Park & Trailway

Caprock Canyons State Park & Trail - Google Maps

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