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My Dusty Reins Stories channel is evolving a bit and so are some of my goals in 2023 to create and share more documentaries from the American Heartlands

This is a landing page for all things old and new about the channel and it is a work in progress as I get more organized.

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Current Status

My 2001 Jeep Cherokee "Scout" had a cracked head that has been replaced with no other problems so far. I have started publishing new videos recorded in 2023 and you will notice a slight color difference in the video thumbnails for all 2023 videos.

I will be traveling to Levelland, Texas this week for a pro rodeo, then will start making my way down toward Brownsville, Texas with a number of stops along the way as I try to keep up with the Starship orbital launch status.

I am still posting unrestricted videos recorded last year and videos specifically for channel members and American Heartlands Channel viewers only.

Still keeping an eye on the launch date for Starship located 796 miles from my home. The latest word now is sometime in April. That should give me plenty of time to prepare for a long road trip and explore some interesting places and events when possible. I don't want to put too much stress on Scout's new head and an oil and filter change will be necessary along the way.

Current Publishing Schedule

Videos are uploaded to YouTube, If there are no restrictions on a video, it gets published and Rumble clones it to American Heartlands Channel.

If there are restrictions, the video is limited to members only on YouTube 

  • Sunday
    • Members-only content including full programs.
  • Monday
    • Public events, people, places
  • Tuesday
    • Roping events
    • Nature
  • Wednesday
    • Members only from archives
    • Potential live casts & briefs
  • Thursday
    • Anything with large livestock
  • Friday
    • Ranch Rodeo
  • Saturday
    • Pro-Rodeo


Explore life today in the American Heartlands and share my documentaries and findings with others.


Coming soon.



If you have been watching this channel since the beginning then you will recognize the original logo above! 

When I first started this channel as the Story Channel, I wanted to be an anonymous documentarian of current stories in the rural areas of the United States. A region west of the Mississippi River between the borders of Canada and Mexico that I have been referring to as the #AmericanHeartlands on various social media platforms. Use the same hashtag search on Facebook and Twitter to see different results on those platforms.

As a former paid Journalist in broadcast and print, I have the desire to document, not report, the things I encounter while exploring rural America. I believe Charles Kuralt had an influence on me but had no desire to appear on camera myself. I wanted the videos to feature the places and the people who live, work and play there tell their own stories.

The channel name was not unique enough to generate brand recognition so it was changed to Dusty Reins Stories because tens of thousands of people have already been exposed to the works of Dusty Reins via photography, video, and

Some of my personal friends and viewers are telling me that need to start sharing my own traveling adventures and stories. I have already been testing out live streaming, shorts, and selfies so I guess I will try for more.

With your help informing me of places to go and things to do in the American Heartlands will look forward to visiting new territories! Contact Us 

I will be adding more when I find the time to get this story of my life more organized.

Stay tuned for updates! Current Status

Dusty Reins Schedule

You may see several events on the same day. I can only pick one to go next depending on where I was located during the prior event I attended. Fuel is expensive these days!