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Crazy Horse Monument

Roaring Springs, TX

The small community of Roaring Springs, Texas is located in the middle of small farms and giant cattle ranches. I have been here dozens of times since 1964 for a number of reasons, but my recent visits have been for the Motley Dickens Old Settlers Reunion. The ranch rodeos in past years have been sanctioned by the WRCA and WRRA.

The population of Motley and Dickinson Counties is so small that the two counties hold a joint reunion weekend swelling the local human count to more than ten times normal. The celebrations include the shortest community parade I have ever documented.

I plan to return for more sights and sounds I have not explored in the area yet. If you have a suggestion I would like to hear from you! Contact Us


Motley Dickens Old Settlers Reunion


Roaring Springs, TX - Texas State Historical Association (TSHA)

Roaring Springs, Teas - Google Maps

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