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Oklahoma Steam Show

This is an annual show in Pawnee, Oklahoma on the first Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in May. I found out about this event from some of the steam engine owners at the Major County Threshing Bee 🚜 in Fairview, Oklahoma in 2021, and I was not disappointed in this event as it is the largest in the state!

It had turned out to be a very muddy location after 4 inches of rain but that did not stop the show altogether. I have just started publishing videos here we begin with Saturday morning by firing up the boilers.

Take a look at the steam threshing, gas tractors, gas engines, steam-powered sawmill, shingle mill, antique line shaft machine shop, and blacksmith shop.  Come check out the corn mill grinding,  farm life and domestic display, flea market, and arts and crafts show.

The largest steam traction engine is put to work in a pinch providing steam power for the Powerhouse.

In this video, we explore the powerhouse just as Wesley is making adjustments to the largest steam engine for demonstrations during the rest of the day. He is also waiting for the steam traction engine to build up steam pressure in its boiler so the engines inside will have enough steam pressure to run. Watch the video just above for more detail about building up steam pressure.

And many thanks to Wesley for sharing his time and knowledge with us as he keeps his mind on his chores.

Many people arrived by mid-morning to see various living history demonstrations on the grounds. The sawmill and shingle mill are near the powerhouse and a working demonstration is about to start.  The wheat threshing demonstration is about to begin as well but it is located hundreds of yards farther away. So I girded up my mojo and fast-walked that way with some time to spare.

Steam Threshing Demonstration

Now it is time to double back lickety-split and see what is left of the demonstrations going on at the mills.

Lumber Mills Demonstrations

Steam Power For The Sawmill

The Oklahoma Steam Threshers and Gas Engine Association has also collected and preserved machinery used in American industry.

Vintage Gas Engines & Compressors

Steam Traction Games

Vintage & Antique Tractors

Twin Spark Show

On Sunday morning, all the exhibitors were busy getting their things packed up for the year or until September for the Major County Threshing Bee 🚜

I was lucky to get Dale Wolf to tell us about his special half-scale Case steam traction engine for the last installment of my experience at this annual event.

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Oklahoma Steam and Gas Engine Show - Website

Oklahoma Steam Threshers & Gas Engine Association Show Grounds - Google Maps

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