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Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum

synonyms for bordello

  • red-light district
  • bagnio
  • cathouse
  • whorehouse
  • brothel
  • bawdy house
  • call house
  • den of iniquity
  • house of assignation

Call it what you will... the world's oldest profession seems to have provided places where men could go to pay and get certain attention and favors from women. It was not at all unusual to find such a place in San Angelo, Texas for there were known to be several located in the downtown area. But there was only one that attracted men with lots to spend for a visit to a high-class Gentleman's Club run by a woman they called Miss Hattie

To visit the museum, I recommend you first call (325) 653-0113 in the Legend Jewelers store at 18 E. Concho Ave to make sure the museum is open for tours. You will see in the video that we start in the store and then go upstairs through an outside entrance into the museum.

Miss Hattie's Bordello Museum Tour

Be sure to research some of the links given below, especially the museum website to discover when the museum is open for tours, special events, or even closed for repairs before you go.


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