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Mutton Bustin'

The Saints' Roost rodeo events are among the most watched videos on my Dusty Reins Stories YouTube channel. You can watch them all in chronological order (the newest is listed last) below just by clicking or tapping the play button. Some of the videos may have been censored by YouTube policies but you can find the uncensored versions of the more recent videos on my American Heartlands channel on Rumble. You will also be able to see them on YouTube by joining the Dusty Reins Stories Fan Club.

Saints' Roost Rodeo Playlist

The Saints' Roost Ranch Rodeo has been going on in Clarendon, Texas for 145 years as of 2022.  

There were 50+ Mutton Busters competing in this event! You cannot see this video on YouTube due to restrictions but you can on American Heartlands! And just below of course. Many of the 2022 rodeo events were restricted by YouTube so if you do not see them on the playlist above, you know where to go.

Mutton Bustin'

Most ranch rodeos I documented so far have included a Wild Cow Milking event. YouTube tends to restrict views of these events so now you know where to go to find them.

Wild Cow Milking


The most watched video on my Dusty Reins Stories channel has been shadow-banned on YouTube and it is from these rodeo documentaries from Clarendon. The YouTube reviewers will not say specifically what they object to but I have documented our conflict over the action Dusty Reins Most Popular Video Suddenly Shadow-banned! The only thing I can gather from the action is that someone who works for YouTube thinks that kids getting exposed to soil is dangerous and most advertisers will not be willing to be associated with it. So, therefore... the video gets fewer recommendations in addition to all the rest of the documentaries on my channel. Great business decision YouTube. You missed a great opportunity to sell some advertising to companies that sell laundry detergents and anti-bacterial wipes. Your advertising AI is not meeting the needs of your customers YouTube! 

The most current issue with YouTube is over the Fair Use of copyrighted material used in a documentary. and I suspect an announcer's comment about a kid getting dirty. What is the difference in the published historical record? Watch the examples below.

On YouTube

On Rumble

I hope you will decide for yourself which version of the event posted above is the best accurate historical record. I would love to see your feedback in the comments for the videos on both platforms unless you want to contact me directly at Contact Us.

Dusty Reins Schedule

You may see several events on the same day. I can only pick one to go next depending on where I was located during the prior event I attended. Fuel is expensive these days!