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The Ben Johnson Days celebration is held every year on Father's Day weekend in Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Events include a two-day WRCA Ranch Rodeo, a concert,  a Jr. Ranch Rodeo, The John Israel Cowboy Trade Show, the Ben Johnson Memorial Steer Roping, and much more. Links are provided below.

Here is my most popular video so far from the 2021 Ben Johnson Days and I am currently in the process of publishing videos recorded in 2022.

I was caught off-guard when a camel race started to happen and I was forced to document it with my camera hand-held. I had already missed the ostrich race and neither of those was held during 2022.

Watch these youngsters as they compete in advanced roping.

There is also the Ben Johnson Memorial Roping that is held on the Friday morning of Ben Johnson Days.

I have finished publishing videos from 2022. The uncensored ones are published on my Rumble channel  American Heartlands and the censored ones are on Dusty Reins Stories on YouTube.

Here is the Youth Trailer Loading event on Rumble.

Perhaps the most challenging event for the youngsters was the Wild Steer Racing

The 2022 season ended with a concert and dance featuring Adrian Brannan the Buckaroo Girl.


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You may see several events on the same day. I can only pick one to go next depending on where I was located during the prior event I attended. Fuel is expensive these days!