American Heartlands & Dusty Reins Stories
Crazy Horse Monument

I have created a channel on Rumble named American Heartlands! 

The new channel will mirror recent uploads to the popular channel Dusty Reins Stories on YouTube but will also feature videos that will never appear on YouTube unless they change their social scoring policies. I am calling the new Rumble channel American Heartlands.  I realized all my videos past and future are likely to have been generated in rural locations west of the Mississippi. Perhaps I will travel east of the Mississippi River in the future if I get some good tips about where and when from viewers in that region of the American Heartlands.

Rumble is a fast-growing video platform that will allow me to publish uncensored documentaries of people, places, events, culture, and history and thus fulfill my dedication to documenting today for tomorrows' history. I hope you will check out the new channel (link above) and subscribe (free) to explore the American Heartlands with me from a spectator's point of view.

I had to cut down on covering ranch rodeos because they always drew more problems from YouTube giving me copyright strikes, and social scoring strikes related to animal abuse claims. I have found two solutions. I have started a channel on Rumble and they do not give me those headaches so far  The American Heartlands subscriptions are free with a free Rumble account and there is less intrusive advertising.

The other solution is to activate a Membership option to Dusty Reins Stories that is not free for members but I will lose income for some videos not being monetized and so-called music copyright owners will get the rest. Members will have access to watch full rodeos in one video in addition to full event videos and other videos you will not see on the general public Dusty Reins Stories YouTube channel. 

The American Heartlands channel will have all of that available free of charge with the exception of the full rodeo videos due to Rumble's file size limitation. I have just started publishing there so there is not a ton of content so far. I will be adding older videos I could not publish on YouTube in addition to all current material. And there is more ranch rodeos coming up for 2022 published every Friday.


Dusty Reins Schedule

You may see several events on the same day. I can only pick one to go next depending on where I was located during the prior event I attended. Fuel is expensive these days!