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Cal Farley established Boys Ranch in 1939 on the old townsite of Tascosa, Texas, the first town established in the Texas Panhandle. Boys Ranch today provides a home and education for at-risk boys and girls ages 5 - 18 on a working ranch of 12,000 acres of land.

The ranch celebrates its western heritage with an annual rodeo on Memorial Day weekend which I have documented with still photography in past years but had the privilege to document with video in 2023. The full rodeo can be seen on Dusty Reins Stories if you are a channel Fan Club member. Individual events can be watched below.

All the rodeo events from 2023 are listed below in chronological order.

Goat Tying

Steer Roping

Mutton Bustin'

Stick Horse Racing

Bronc Riding

Pole Bending

Steer Riding

Barrel Racing

Chute Dogging

The Boys Ranch Rodeo is held annually on Labor Day weekend and there are lots of other activities going on during the weekend that I have documented mostly using still photos in previous years,  The two videos below were recorded in 2005.

Cal Farley's Daughter Shares Her Memories

Western Cartoonist & Illustrator Wendy Liddle

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