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The video playlist above contains 400+ bronc riding events documented at ranch rodeos and pro rodeos that include Ranch Broncs, Bareback Broncs, and Saddle Broncs. The newest videos appear at the top of the list with the oldest at the bottom. The competition in this event, as in most rodeo events, tends to have the best riders and performances appearing near the end of each event. So don't miss those great high-scoring rides!

I plan to add a lot of information to this page including some of the event rules and the differences between Ranch Rodeos and Pro Rodeos, the horses, and answers to common comments and questions about Bronc Riding. For now, I am including some examples from the playlist.

2020 Jeremiah Ward Memorial Open Ranch Bronc Riding

The Jerimiah Ward Memorial is an annual event held in Hugo, Colorado in honor of a former bronc riding champion Jerimiah Ward. The thing to note about this event was that the horses appeared to be a bit wonky which amounts to some eye-popping rides. I had a chance to talk to the livestock contractor who told me that all the horses were young and this was their first time being ridden by a human, first of all, and second, it was their first time to experience an appearance in a noisy arena with many spectators watching.

I have tons more to share so enjoy the playlist above while I get more highlight videos and their stories ready to share with you on this page.

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You may see several events on the same day. I can only pick one to go next depending on where I was located during the prior event I attended. Fuel is expensive these days!