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Crazy Horse Monument

Parade 2022

Cheyenne Frontier Days is an annual multi-day celebration held in Cheyenne, Wyoming during the last week in July. I will be adding more photos when I find the time.

The Bureau of Land Management was allowed to set up some shelters and pens In Lions Park to bring in some wild captured Mustangs and Burros for adoption. After several days of demonstrating all the animals, they were auctioned off to the highest bidders on the last day.

The Indian Village is located on the rodeo grounds where the general public can meet many Native Americans, shop at the small stores, and watch special performances featured several times per day during Cheyenne Frontier Days. Too bad i was given a bad lead on my shooting location behind the main action. I will remedy that on a future visit!

There are two chuck wagon cooking contests held during the last weekend of the Cheyenne Frontier Days celebration. I was able to visit with the youngsters competing in the Youth Chuck Wagon cooking competition on Friday.

Chuck Wagon Cooking

The Frontier Village


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