American Heartlands & Dusty Reins Stories
Crazy Horse Monument

Kimball, Nebraska claims to be the highpoint of Nebraska but the actual location is 25 miles to the southwest and close to where the states of Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming meet. #highpoint #nebraska #americanheartlands

The location is on privately owned land that is used to pasture American Bison. There were no signs of Bison when I was there but that may not be the case when you go there so use some common sense if they are on the location. 

I did make an attempt to visit the tri-state intersection close to this location but it too was on private land but no public access that i could readily see. While attempting to confirm the location, I was detained by US Air Force personnel and detained for being too close to an active nuclear missile silo. I did cut some video for that excursion but the military confiscated all the recordings near the missile site and my detainment. I never violated any of the signage in the area but it still cost me more than 90 minutes of lost time when I was already under pressure to get to Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Panorama Point, Pine Bluff, NE. | Google Maps

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