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The 3rd Annual Story Vest Memorial Calf Roping was held on May 5th, 2023 in Childress, Texas beginning with WPRA Girls Open Breakaway Roping and then the PRCA Top 50 Tie-Down Roping. The full program was documented and videos of the events are published on Tuesdays.

This was an open event sanctioned by WPRA for cardholders.

Breakaway Roping

Participation in the Tie-down event was by invitation and included some of the current top PRCA ropers.

Tie-down Roping

Second Go

Short Go

All videos will be published on the American Heartlands Channel and Dusty Reins Stories.  If you know of other great roping jackpot events such as this one, I would love to hear about it!  Contact Us


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