Texas Horned Lizard in Amarillo, Texas  
Texas Horned Lizard

I have explored the wonders and beauty of the outdoors all my life. I have spent many hours watching animals interacting with each other in their natural habitats and learning about their behavior or just enjoying the sights and sounds which surround me. I enjoy shooting video of nature now and then and now I am sharing these moments with you!

I have created a playlist on my Dusty Reins Stories channel on YouTube dedicated to video clips of my own nature moments and a few videos from other sources you may find interesting if you are concerned about conservation of the natural world on our planet. 

I will attempt to capture the natural sounds experienced while filming as best as I can but sometimes the wind is too strong for my windscreen and I am forced to add some music to the video in order to overcome the annoying sound produced by the wind. I hope you will enjoy these sights and sounds and be sure to leave some comments on the YouTube page as you see fit and give it a thumbs up!  Subscribe to my channel for more Nature video clips!