Documenting a class reunion in HD video provides opportunities to relive rare gatherings of classmates. It also provides a way for those who could not attend an opportunity to see how their classmates have changed over the years of physical separation, and perhaps convince them to not miss the next reunion event.

A digital copy of the whole video production will be made available to the reunion organizing committee who are free to choose if and how they want to distribute it. 

Activities normally covered by recording video include:

  • All formal activities conducted from the podium.
  • Special presentations and acknowledgments.
  • Candid scenes derived from event activities.
  • Informal interviews during a scheduled mixer.

Optional recording activity may include more formalized short interviews.

  • School Days
    • Reflections - Looking back at life in school.
    • Achievements
      • Academic
      • Sports
      • Firsts
      • Leadership
      • Personal rewards
  • Life After School
    • Remember Me?
    • Meet My Spouse!
    • Wishing you were here.
    • From Then To Now

These are short interviews from 1 to 5 minutes in length to those who choose to volunteer their stories. The interviews are conducted during a scheduled slack period in reunion activities. This activity can be very useful for multi-year class reunions so former students can become acquainted with older or younger alumni from their school. 

The interviews will be added to the overall produced video of the reunion.