Documenting a class reunion in HD video provides opportunities to relive rare gatherings of classmates. It also provides a way for those who could not attend an opportunity to see how their classmates have changed over the years of physical separation, and perhaps convince them to not miss the next reunion event.

A digital copy of the whole video production will be made available to the reunion organizing committee who are free to choose if and how they want to distribute it. 

Activities normally covered by recording video include:

  • All formal activities conducted from the podium.
  • Special presentations and acknowledgments.
  • Candid scenes derived from event activities.
  • Informal interviews during a scheduled mixer.

Optional recording activity may include more formalized short interviews.

  • School Days
    • Reflections - Looking back at life in school.
    • Achievements
      • Academic
      • Sports
      • Firsts
      • Leadership
      • Personal rewards
  • Life After School
    • Remember Me?
    • Meet My Spouse!
    • Wishing you were here.
    • From Then To Now

These are short interviews from 1 to 5 minutes in length to those who choose to volunteer their stories. The interviews are conducted during a scheduled slack period in reunion activities. This activity can be very useful for multi-year class reunions so former students can become acquainted with older or younger alumni from their school. 

The interviews will be added to the overall produced video of the reunion. 


Bailey Cruthird

Amarillo, Texas and the Texas Plains Trail Region have a rich tradition of live music and other entertainment venues since the area became settled by Europeans.  Scores of performing artists have become famous worldwide for their unique talents.  CaptiveImageus has recorded many hours of live music and other forms of entertainment since 2003.

Live Music Recordings

Music artists draw larger audiences when more people become familiar with their work. I work in cooperation with individuals, bands, property and venue owners to arrange recordings of live music performances. Ambient or digital audio patched in from a mixer options are available along with supplementary lighting if needed for the location. If you perform in a public secular venue, I will work with you most times for no fee. These recordings will appear on my Dusty Reins YouTube Channel with a link from the Live Music in Amarillo, Texas page where your information will also appear.



Produced Music Recordings

Performers and venue operators may make arrangements to have their performances recorded and produced as a full-length show or a customized music video. Fees are based on an hourly rate for shooting, editing, artwork and production. Mass copies of the final product are available at reasonable prices


Story Telling

I am on the hunt for people who can tell a good story. It can be a tall tale, a true tale, a joke tale, or even an educational one. Selected stories will be published on the YouTube Story Channel. I am planning to organize a monthly gathering of storytellers and musicians so be sure to stay in touch with me on Facebook if you would like to join in on the fun!



Entertainment Events

When there are lots of groups entertaining at an entertainment venue, I will usually work with the venue operator to cover the event and performers. Many of these events are fundraisers for charitable causes such as homer's Backyard Ball, Cancer Walk, Rock for Yellow City and some commercial venues. I work to help promote the event and may publish some performances on the Dusty Reins YouTube Channel.




 As a contemporary historian and documentarian, I have identified a number of areas where firsthand knowledge, experiences, stories, and events can be preserved with digital video for private or research use. This page outlines some of the areas I have been concentrating on with some video examples. I look forward to getting new opportunities to do more to document our heritage. has been offering video services in Amarillo and the Texas Plains Region since 2003. Most video productions are related to documenting and preserving contemporary life for future heritage preservation and work commissioned by individuals, businesses, and institutions.  Current service offerings are listed below.



Heritage Preservation

Oral History

Individual Life History Interview

Individual Topical Interview

Individual Memorial Service Preservation

Family Life History Roundtable



Family Reunions

Class Reunions

Historic Event Preservation



Company Heritage Preservation

Structural Heritage Preservation

Cultural Preservation



Live Music Recordings

Produced Music Recordings

Story Telling

Entertainment Events


Legal Recordings

Video Depositions

Site Documentation

Insurance Inventory & Claims


Personal Events

Sorry, I no longer offer video recording services for weddings or birthday parties.