Bailey Cruthird

Amarillo, Texas and the Texas Plains Trail Region have a rich tradition of live music and other entertainment venues since the area became settled by Europeans.  Scores of performing artists have become famous worldwide for their unique talents.  CaptiveImageus has recorded many hours of live music and other forms of entertainment since 2003.

Live Music Recordings

Music artists draw larger audiences when more people become familiar with their work. I work in cooperation with individuals, bands, property and venue owners to arrange recordings of live music performances. Ambient or digital audio patched in from a mixer options are available along with supplementary lighting if needed for the location. If you perform in a public secular venue, I will work with you most times for no fee. These recordings will appear on my Dusty Reins YouTube Channel with a link from the Live Music in Amarillo, Texas page where your information will also appear.



Produced Music Recordings

Performers and venue operators may make arrangements to have their performances recorded and produced as a full-length show or a customized music video. Fees are based on an hourly rate for shooting, editing, artwork and production. Mass copies of the final product are available at reasonable prices


Story Telling

I am on the hunt for people who can tell a good story. It can be a tall tale, a true tale, a joke tale, or even an educational one. Selected stories will be published on the YouTube Story Channel. I am planning to organize a monthly gathering of storytellers and musicians so be sure to stay in touch with me on Facebook if you would like to join in on the fun!



Entertainment Events

When there are lots of groups entertaining at an entertainment venue, I will usually work with the venue operator to cover the event and performers. Many of these events are fundraisers for charitable causes such as homer's Backyard Ball, Cancer Walk, Rock for Yellow City and some commercial venues. I work to help promote the event and may publish some performances on the Dusty Reins YouTube Channel.