I have been pot farming and gardening since 1968 on my cousin's ranch in south central Montana while I was still in high school. I first began as a gardener for personal pleasure, then found I could sell enough quantities of my seedlings to make a little money to put gas in my car so I became a farmer.

I carried my stock and supplies to Lubbock, Texas during the summer of 1971 before enrolling in Texas Tech University.  Once again, I found a little more money in my pocket by selling seedlings and pot plants. For just a few dollars I could make a fair profit by selling to others, including students living in the dorms. I eventually found a wholesale supplier for pretty pots which became a hit with the ladies, especially when they were filled with mature flowering plants and herbs.  That also brought back some word-of-mouth and repeat business!

I moved to Florida in 1987 and became amazed at how easy plants would grow in all sorts of pots in the Plant City area.  There were several commercial ornamental nurseries in that area and I quickly took advantage of an inexpensive source for small seedlings and woody ornamentals. 

The commercial growers were nice enough to show me their methods of rooting plant cuttings from woody ornamentals and grafting on fruit trees. After watching a TV program about a technique for growing bonsai plants, I also noticed the commercial growers were throwing many of their woody ornamentals in 6-inch pots away that were perfect for bonsai starters and they just let me pick them out of piles for free! Many of the plants had their soil washed out of the pot because the water sprinklers were hitting them too hard.  The plants had beautiful hardened root structures and were considered to be dwarfs. Just what I was looking for!

I also had the benefit of meeting and learning from two bonsai producers in the area, and I put that knowledge to use as well.  After attending a bonsai exhibition and convention in Orlando I came away with all sorts of creative ideas for growing and selling bonsai plants for higher value. I carried all that knowledge and experience to my hometown of Amarillo, Texas in 1998 but unfortunate circumstances forced me to stop growing and selling in the winter of 2005.

Now it is the beginning of 2017 and I am living in a motorhome at the Turkey Crossing RV Park located in Miami, Texas and I am getting the fever to start growing again.  I will have to limit how much stock I create and the container sizes I use because I plan to move back to Amarillo in the Spring. 

So many knowledgeable people have freely shared their knowledge of growing plants in pots that I feel like I need to pass some of that knowledge along. I have created the PotFarmer channel on YouTube as a means of educating others in a show and tell manner. I have just gotten started on the project starting January 1st 2017 on my plant stock and shooting video so both stock and video clips are rather sparse. You can see what I started with in the clip below.

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