The 2021 schedule of events at the Fort Wallace Museum kicked off with a Chuck Wagon Dinner and a wonderful solo concert with Michael Martin Murphey for the supporters and patrons to help raise funding for the museum. In the videos below you will see the beginnings of the dinner and concert and then the end of the concert. What began as a hot early Autumn day finished on with a very pleasant outdoor Kansas experience with full bellies.

9/11 Ceremony More than a dozen living history stations were on hand for area school children to visit and learn about various aspects of life during the 1800s, in addition to a special ceremony on 9/11/2021 in honor of the tragedy that destroyed the World Trade Center towers in New York City.

Bread & Butter - The first living history station actually had two demonstrations going on at the same time. One group was mixing and baking fresh bread while the other group was churning butter from whole milk. The students were able to savor the bread and butter made on site along with a variety of canned jellies and jams.  

Coffee & Alternatives - Coffee was a very popular beverage in the American Western Frontier  But coffee was not always available so a number of other alternatives, made from readily available plants or commercial products, were discussed at this living history station.


The Blacksmith Shop - From horseshoe to wagon parts and metal cooking utensils, the blacksmiths kept everything moving in the American Frontier. At this station, we learn more about things the blacksmith might make and the tools used to make them.


The WheelWright Shop - Wheels were very important for transportation in the American Frontier and were constantly in need of repair. A wheelwright is a specialist in the building and repair of wooden wheels for wagons, buggies, stagecoaches, and basically anything requiring wheels with the exception of trains. 

Frontier Traders - Early traders from Europe would bring goods made from iron and steel in addition to textiles and trinkets to the natives to exchange for furs pelts and pemican. By the time European settlers began to arrive in the American West, traveling traders started offering many types of goods and supplies for them and even settling down themselves to establish stores. At this living history station we can see the types of goods the traveling traders would have available.

Kansas Frontier Forts - It became necessary for the US Army to establish outposts in the American Western Frontier in order to provide security for settlers and wagon trains from Indians and outlaws. Those threats began to diminish during the years following the Civil War as the Plains Indians were forced to move to reservations and the Bison were almost exterminated and steam-powered trains replaced the slow-moving wagon trains.

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