The new web site is finally starting to shape up with most of the major elements in place. Now there will be plenty of work to do adding details to the pages linked to the Main Menu. I fear it may take weeks to get the old MultiMedia Gallery back up and running however.

In the meantime... there needs to be time to generate some content for the Good Thoughts and Share Haiku mobile apps and upload a video to my YouTube Channel everyday right?  I have added my Twitter Timeline to this main page so you can see what I have been up to lately.  There are also little buttons below that will take you to my pages on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter if you would like to follow me.  For my YouTube contributions you can use the link above in this article.

All that and I am expecting delivery of a wind generator and a power inverter to add to my current solar and battery charging system.  That will mean additional work right away once they arrive because cooler and wetter weather has already arrived in the Texas Panhandle!

You may notice that I published my work schedule in tab 1 below.  I will use this to give you an idea of regular work and social commitments I have and will add one time commitments as needed.  Note that I do not share many of my private activities. ha!  The calendar is a bit too small when vied on my phone so I fuge there will be some time tweaking things here and there for a while in addition to adding content.

My blessings to all of you who are interested in the things I create and share!