My apologies to those who attended the hearing and those who were not able to and were looking for a story about the meeting along with video and interviews. It turns out that all the interviews I taped were practically unusable due to the amount of background noise in the room during the meeting. 

I can be reprimanded for not using a lavalier microphone to overcome such a problem with background noise. As it turns out, I had purchased one earlier in the day. It turned out to not be compatible with my Roland digital recorder and time was running out to get to the meeting on time so I tried to make do.

Now I feel I must make good and offer the folks another shot at doing an interview on behalf of your organization.  Please contact me and we will set up a time and location for a re-do This story is not dead yet!

I am providing Adrian Escobar's contact info in case you did not have a way to record it at the meeting. Stay tuned!