Now that winter is over and the majority of development is done on two new mobile apps, I am ready to get outdoors and start having some fun.  The two new apps are focused on travel featuring places to go and things to do.  That means content has to be created for display in the apps. 

I have already begun researching the histories of some of the older buildings in Maimi, Texas as part of a Miami Walking History Tour.  This tour will be available for free in the iTour Go app.  The app will also be available for free in the Google Play Store and at this time, I do not plan to include display ads in the app. 

Some field testing of the app has been done at Wildcat Bluff Nature Center in Amarillo, Texas and Palo Duro Canyon State Park near Canyon, Texas.  Some work has been done to identify some points of interest for two hiking tours at WBNC and a driving tour of Palo Duro Canyon but a lot more work needs to be done before those paid tours are ready to publish.

Of course, that means I will need to spend quite a bit of time at these two locations gathering information, GPS coordinates and shooting photos and potentially videos as well for each point of interest.  Some of the photos and info will be available for display in the iTour Go app with much more detailed info, photos and videos will be available on mobile friendly web page.


Video production will start ramping up again in June and I will be on the hunt for storytellers.  People who have interesting stories to tell from their own experiences and people who like to tell entertaining stories and are very good at it.  Some of the focus will be on recording the life stories of older folks preserving their memories for family and community heritage.  Many of these interviews will be recorded at local county museums and I will publish when and where these sessions will be as they are booked. 

I already know several entertaining storytellers and some of them are willing to appear on camera.  If you know of someone who can tell some real whoppers, funny, scary or otherwise entertaining, please let me know about them and how they may be contacted. 

Summer and Fall are great times of the year for public outdoor events and I plan to attend some of them in the area and attempt to document some of the people and activities they engage in.  Previous experience has shown these are great opportunities to gather some impromptu stories and document contemporary events.

Heritage Preservation

I have added information about the Heritage Preservation projects I will be working on. See Heritage Preservation.

Live Music in Amarillo

I have created a page which I hope serves to help folks in Amarillo to get to know our current local musical talent much better by providing recent videos of live music performances. I need to record many of the current performing acts so viewers can get an example of their music. I intend to give priority to recordings of acts performing original compositions, venues with good lighting and sound systems and groups who request to be recorded. The rest, I will try to record as I can get around to them. The page also features some info about acts that no longer exist as a performing group in order to preserve some of Amarillo's live music heritage and to honor the musicians who were a part of it. See Live Music in Amarillo, Texas.

So lots of work, planning, and travel are in store for the rest of the year.  It will be fun to have you along for the ride!