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Crazy Horse Family

William B. Matson and descendants of Crazy Horse, Floyd Clown, Doug War Eagle and Don Red Thunder, have been traveling around the US, Canada, and Europe telling their family stories and revealing the truth of the plight of Native Americans in general. Their visit to Amarillo marked their 105th book signing and storytelling appearance. This series is a part of the CaptiveImage.us Heritage Preservation Project and was recorded and published with the permission of William B. Matson and the Crazy Horse Family. Dusty Reins is holding the book in the photo above.

In part one of this four-part series, author William B. Matson (left in the photo above) tells an audience in Amarillo, Texas how he became involved in researching the story of the Wounded Knee Massacre and discovered that only the family of Crazy Horse carried the true facts about what really happened in their family archives. He also discovered many facts never recorded in more than 300 books and articles about Crazy Horse and other Native Americans of that time. The result of his research led to writing a book based on the stories and archives of the Crazy Horse Family titled "Crazy Horse The Lakota Warrior's Life & Legacy."



 The rest of the series will be added to this page as they are published on the Dusty Reins Stories channel on YouTube.