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Spooky Stories 

I have always loved stories that give me goosebumps or shivers while reading or listening to them. I think it all began when I started going on Scout camping trips to the mountains in New Mexico. Most of those stories were classic tales told in the woods around campfires and were a lot of fun. But there are also personal first-hand stories of ghosts and creepy supernatural happenings that defy logical reasoning.

I decided to create a Spooky Stories playlist on my Dusty Reins Stories channel on YouTube in order to collect and preserve some of these stories for your enjoyment. I have been thinking about organizing a Spooky Stories Campout later this Spring on the Canadian River if we ever get enough moisture to cancel the burn ban. I might even get some bluegrass pickers to help provide some musical entertainment as well.

Do you have some spooky stories to tell? Would you be interested in attending a spooky storytelling event? If so, let me know on Facebook or the Contact page on this website.

You can watch the current stories on the Spooky Stories playlist below.