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Story Channel on YouTube

Story Channel Logo  

This is a new channel on YouTube which will be the home for some of Dusty's newest video clips.  The hunt is on again for stories and storytellers. More information to follow as video production gets underway.  Go on ahead and subscribe to get notifications when new videos are added!

Dusty Reins has a personal YouTube channel where he has enjoyed creating playlists for music videos. More about that later!  But let me mention that there are some exciting projects coming up this winter which extend the body of video work he has done in the past with fresh ideas and new video material. Be sure to subscribe to Dusty Reins YouTube Channel in order to get notices when new uploads are available.

Stories Old and New

Beginning in 2000, Dusty was interested in documenting stories of historical interest by people who had experienced history first hand.  A few of the old videos are being added as time permits.  This project will be revived again in 2016 with more fresh interviews and better quality video and we have already started to line up new subjects with interesting stories from their past.  Contact us if you know of someone in the Texas Panhandle we need to record!

During Friday Morning Artist's Coffee at the Blue Front Cafe, several of us asked Scott Hyde if we could see a private showing of his wonderful photos on display at Proces Art House. It sounded like a good opportunity to get some background info about some of the images from the photographer so I went along for the trip.


The Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas provided several opportunities to capture some human interest stories. part of the three days of activities besides the working cowboy rodeo included chuckwagon judging and cooking competitions. In this first clip to be published of the events, Leona Adkins talks about being a national chuckwagon cook-off competitor. 



PotFarmer On YouTube

Grow Your Own!

PotFarmer is my latest channel on YouTube. If you like to grow plants in pots you might be a Pot Gardener.  If you like to make some extra income doing the same activity to scale, you might be a Pot Farmer. Learn from my knowledge and personal experiences in both roles by watching my How-To videos!

I am just getting started with just a few pots and a few videos, but I am ramping up to have plants native to the Texas Panhandle to give away in Miami, TX by Spring. You may even get to carry on the Willie Renter family heritage Egyptian Walking Onions tradition if they have produced bulbs by then!



Dusty Reins on YouTube

Here is an example of one of the older videos where Vic Plunk talks about the very first known "Horse Motel" located just off Route 66 west of Amarillo, TX.  Here is a link to the full Stories Playlist.



Live Music Performances in the Texas Panhandle

Another area of interest in recording included recording live music in the Texas Panhandle performed by local musicians.  Some of the bands covered no longer exist so the recordings are now of historical interest.  Once again,  There are a lot of video clips that still need to be uploaded as time permits.  These videos are located in the Amarillo Texas Music playlist.

Here is an example of recorded music from the very popular Amarillo Block Party event held in downtown Amarillo, TX every year in August.  This is Val Cabellero - Mo Garcia & The Tex-Mex Connection in 2004.  Note that many of these old videos were originally formatted for a smaller display size and may appear a bit quirky.  The original quality clips are still around somewhere and will be uploaded when located in the archives.


As of Nov. 1, 2016, I was able to put together the equipment to begin recovering video from the original recorded tapes. Much of my previous work included recording live music in Amarillo featuring talented musicians. and I have set up a playlist to feature these older recordings and I hope to be invited to shoot new sessions in the near future in HD widescreen video with state of the art audio recording when possible. Here is the latest tunes uploaded to Amarillo Texas Music. Please subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates on new uploads to live music recorded in Amarillo!



Other Playlists of Interest

Dusty has been having a lot of fun discovering music videos uploaded by many different YouTube contributors.  The creation of most of the playlists has been to group musical genres together for personal and public party playback.  Other playlists were created for personal interests and sharing with others.  Here is a list of some of the playlists that may be of interest to you along with a brief description.  If you are interested in the latest additions and findings, check out New Discoveries.

Note that new videos are continually being added and sometimes changed to a more appropriate playlist.  Some the playlists have hundreds of videos so you may want to use the random play button to enjoy different clips each time you re-visit.  Have fun with it!

Live Music Performances

All the playlists ending in "Show" feature recordings of live performances.

The Beat Show - Music with a strong beat, good for high energy parties!

The Mellow Show - More mellow music from pop to the sublime.

The Roots Show - Music based on the origins of American and other world cultures.

The Baby Boomer Show - Video clips which may not have come from the best quality original sources but may be of interest to the memories of the Baby Boomer generation.

Notable Playlists

Soapberry Grove - High quality produced video and audio clips featuring a wide range of musical and artistic styles.

The Best of Show - High quality video and audio of live performances in a wide range of music genres.

Live Music Hall - Featuring full length music concerts.

Audio File - May not be interesting to watch but a lot of good music here, some of it rare to find.

There are quite a few more playlists but you can find them listed on the YouTube Channel.  And be sure to subscribe if you want to keep up as we add add more of Dusty's original videos.


Papa Wayne
I have been aware of and interacted with the homeless, street people and hobos in Amarillo since the mid-1960s. The hobos who used to camp out under and near the Line Street overpass over the former Rock Island Railroad line were among my favorites to talk to and learn from. Changes in railroad shipping practices since then have all but eliminated the notion of "catching a freighter" to travel cross-country. 


I have been pot farming and gardening since 1968 on my cousin's ranch in south central Montana while I was still in high school. I first began as a gardener for personal pleasure, then found I could sell enough quantities of my seedlings to make a little money to put gas in my car so I became a farmer.