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Live Music 
Buddy Squyres on Bass

Amarillo, Texas has had a rich tradition of live music venues featuring local, regional and well-known music artists since the town was established in 1887. This page introduces some current Amarillo live music groups and the folks who make it all happen, plus info about bands of the past. I have provided links to recorded music video samples and fan pages where available.


Please Note: The information on this page depends on crowdsourcing for complete and accurate information. If you have information to add or correct, please use the CONTACT page.  Individual band history pages are being added as information, interviews and photos are made available.


Historic Bands of Amarillo


On YouTube

Classic Rock, Covers

 Robert Workman - Bass

Larry Martin - Guitar, Vocals

Amy Coffman - Banjo, Vocals

Pam Workman - Drums, Vocals


On YouTube

Pop Rock


Vincent Salinas - Vocals

Dale Robinson - Drums

Mike Smith - Keyboards

Jom Snyder - Bass

Jamie Hand - Drums

Carol Huddleston Group

On YouTube



Clyde Logg Band



Jerry Thompson - Lead guitar, Vocals

Company's Comin'

Rock / Jam

Original members: Kent Cooper - bass, David DeGrassi - guitar, Jeff Dauner - guitar, Bill "Big Willie" Melin - drums, Daniel McFall - trumpet/vocals, Karl Thurmond - lead vocals/rock star, David Fike - trumpet, John McMullen - tenor sax

Other later members: Bobby Hertner - vocals/guitar/keyboards, Ted Carroll - bass, Jerry Thompson - guitar, Butch Kelly - Hammond B-3, Mike Merriman - drums, Larry Haughtelling - trombone, Chester (can't remeber last name?) lead vocals, 



On YouTube


Crystal Ship  

Greg True - 

Euphoria! 1970-

On YouTube (1970)

Rock, Covers, Originals  
Fireside Convention Bluegrass

Joe Hendrick - Vocals, Harmonica

Buddy Squires - Bass

Carl Johnson - Banjo

Ray Cargo - Guitar

*Eddie Maxwell - Banjo

Hysterical Society

On YouTube (1967)

On YouTube (1968)

 Classic Rock

Mark Hinton - Guitar, Organ, Vocals

Ken Hutchinson - Bass, Vocals

Ronnie House - Guitar. Vocals

Mike Pugh - Drums

Judy Clark & The Last Chance Band

On YouTube

Blues, Covers  Judy Clark - Piano, Vocals

Ralph Switch

On YouTube

Country, Covers Patrick Heller - Guitar, Lead Vocals


On YouTube


Spartacus Jones

On YouTube

Rock, Covers Rob Dahl - Bass

Texas Blues Rangers

On YouTube


Bob Hopkins - Keyboard

Marc Durham -Vocals, Bass

Johnny Reverb - Guitar

Jay Weeks - Drums

The Blue Johnnies



Mark Jones - Vocals, Guitar

The Jetsons

On YouTube

The Press




The Renegades



The Twisters  

Tony Naples

 Randy Tupin

Jerry Thompson

Buddy Squyres


The Woodpeckers

On YouTube

On YouTube


Joe Hendrick - Vocals, Harmonica

Buddy Squyres - Bass

Joe Quattlebaum - Vocals, Guitar

Underground Press



Scott Nelson - Bass

Woody Key - Guitar

Johnny Chandler -  

Greg Hulsey -

Tommy Pena -  

Vic Fontana & The Automatics

On YouTube

Top 40 Rock


Buddy Squyres - Bass Guitar

Sandy Storey - Vocals


On YouTube

On YouTube (1965)

On YouTube


Originals & Covers

Andy Solano - Guitar, Vocals

John Urenda - Guitar (original member)

Mike Johnson -  (original member)

Buddy Squyres - Bass guitar

Lannie Long -  (original Member)

Eugene Merchant - (original member)

Garner Fielding - Drums (original member)

Wally Huber - Keyboards (original Member)

Windy City

Rock, Country


Danny Phillips - 

Bob Fletcher - 

David Reasoner

David Davis

Mike Stone

Sam Harrell





Please Note: The information on this page depends on crowdsourcing for complete and accurate information. If you have information to add or correct, please use the CONTACT page. 

Solo Artists in Amarillo 

Amy Coffman

Originals Only, Folk-pop Americana


Andy Chase

On YouTube

Various Acoustic

Originals & Covers


Brian Wynne

Originals & Covers


Colton Clarkson

Alternative Country, Covers


Danny Freeze

On YouTube

Blues, Rock & Roll, Country, Folk, Oldies, Original Tunes  

Dave Martinez

On YouTube

On YouTube

Folk, Americana


Don Todd    

Ed Montana

On YouTube

Cowboy, Country

Originals & Covers


Erick Degler

On YouTube

Country, Blues, Classic Rock

Originals, Covers


Eric "Boomer" Turner

On YouTube

Blues, Rock, Covers


J Trial

 Rock, Soul, Blues, Folk, Country - Originals & Covers

James Owens  Originals & Covers  
Jason Patrick 1970's-1980's-1990's Radio Hits, Country, Classic Rock  

Jen Williams

On YouTube

Bluesy Rock

Originals, Covers


Kim Matsler (Yarbrough)

On YouTube

 Originals, Covers  
Lindi Willis    
Luke Holder    
Marc Durham    
Mike Fuller Originals, Covers  
Rene' West    
Steven Dolezal    

Stew Moss

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Originals, Covers  

Tennessee Tuckness

On YouTube

Originals & Covers  

Yvonne Perea

On YouTube

Folk - Originals & Covers  






Please Note: The information on this page depends on crowdsourcing for complete and accurate information. If you have information to add or correct, please use the CONTACT page. 


Recording Artists From Amarillo And Area
Aaron Watson - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
Alvin Crow - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
Amy Coffman  
Andy Chase Cundiff - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
James Lee Baker - Singer'Songwriter On YouTube
J.D. Souther - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
Joe Ely - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
Joe King Carrasco

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

On YouTube

Michael Tomlinson - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
Susan Gibson Singer/Songwriter On YouTube
David Matsler - Singer/Songwriter On YouTube,  Quaker City Nighthawks On YouTube, Songwriter credits for The Sons of Anarchy