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 Bill Craft came into the world during the year 1925 and six years later he started his first job as a cowpuncher on a neighbor's ranch. Most of the land near Brice, Texas was still open range cattle country at the time and cowpunchers were needed to maintain a herd. 

This is how Craft begins the story of his life experiences as a cowboy and cattle rancher in the Texas Panhandle. Buster Bruce and Dusty Reins have traveled to his home twice in order to visit with him and document his stories. Our first recorded interview was over an hour long and is broken down into shorter segments featuring major periods in his life story. The playlist below contains the first interview in chronological order. The second visit lasted about six hours and will appear as the video clips are published on Dusty Reins Stories on YouTube.

These series of interviews are a part of the CaptiveImage.us Heritage Preservation Project. If you would like to receive notices when new stories are published about Bill Craft and other notable people in the Texas Plains Region then please visit and subscribe (free) to Dusty Reins Stories. Thank you for your support and share our work with others. If you know of some notable folks in your county whose life stories should be archived, then pass along their names and contact information to us using our Contact Us page to help us set up interviews before we lose them forever.

First Interview June 29, 2018