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Henry Like The Like family established themselves in the open range territory covering parts of New Mexico, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas before the end of the Red River War which ended in 1875. Two of the Like brothers first made a living by selling wild Mustang horses to the US Calvery.

Dusty Reins & Johnny Hill
Dusty Reins & Johnny Hill

 Johnny Hill has worked as a ranch hand most of his life but he is best known for his knowledge of horses and training them to be some of the best working ranch horses under saddle in the state of Texas. Dusty Reins and Buster Bruce visit with Hill about his life experiences on Texas ranches and working with horses.

 Bill Craft came into the world during the year 1925 and six years later he started his first job as a cowpuncher on a neighbor's ranch. Most of the land near Brice, Texas was still open range cattle country at the time and cowpunchers were needed to maintain a herd. 

Mary Tom Rasco crain
Photo of Mary Tom 

Mary Tom was born Aug. 27, 1918, in Vernon to Verna Johnson and Sal Morgan,a prominent oil and gas attorney. The last of three children, she moved to Amarillo at age 7 and never wanted to leave.

Mary Tom graduated from Amarillo High School and Stephens College. She attended the University of Texas and graduated from the University of Wisconsin. She married David Rasco, in 1941; he preceded her in death in 1955. After his death, she worked as a journalist at the Amarillo Globe-News, where she wrote an advice column and a health and science column.