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Market vendor.
The Green Bug

A Community Market where 100 local vendors sell their wares on the downtown city streets is a new concept for Amarillo with a late season beginning last year. The current season began in June being held near the Chamber of Commerce building on Polk Street and one block of SW 11th Avenue starting from Polk. The event is held every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and will run through October 14th this year.

When I decided to go looking for stories and recording them with my GoPro, I decided to mount the camera to my chest and use my phone to monitor the image composition. I was also carrying a Roland digital stereo audio recorder outfitted with a windscreen to capture a better audio track.  I don't have a windscreen for the GoPro and I would be spending some time outdoors on a breezy day.


The 2016 Texas Route 66 Festival was held on June 11, 2016, in the Route 66 Historic District of Amarillo, Texas.  The area is about 3/4s of a mile long on SW 6th Ave. (locals pronounce it street. ha!) so I knew there would be a lot of walking, wind noise and background noise. I thought using the chest harness mount for the camera would be a pretty stable platform to reduce camera jitter. At least it would be more stable than mounted on the bill of my cap, wouldn't it? Haha!!

I am sharing the results of my experiment below along with comments below. 

My first interview was with Stephanie Daggett and the first thing I noticed when looking at the footage later, was that the camera is too low when doing interviews. She is looking at me quite a bit during the interview but that angle is not viewer friendly.  The second thing I noticed was how unstable the camera is.  Way too much movement to be comfortable to the eye.  When doing "man on the street" interviews like this, that camera will need to be higher and a lot more stable.  I hate to have to resort to carrying a tripod with me but I would like to find a lighter and less bulky alternative if possible.

I doubt there are many traditions in the Texas Panhandle that have been observed every year since 1888. Independence Day celebrations and rodeo in Canadian, Texas is one example and if there are others, I would like to hear about them!

I attended the parade and filmed all the participants. I edited the video down highlighting each entry to shorten viewing time. 




I first covered the Oldham County Roundup in Vega Texas during 2004 shooting stills and video. I have covered many annual county celebrations throughout the Panhandle and I declare this one is one of my favorites.

For visitors, I recommend arranging for lodging in Vega for Friday night. The following video clip starts with the BBQ and street dance Friday evening then finishes up with highlights on the courthouse square.