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Market vendor.
The Green Bug

A Community Market where 100 local vendors sell their wares on the downtown city streets is a new concept for Amarillo with a late season beginning last year. The current season began in June being held near the Chamber of Commerce building on Polk Street and one block of SW 11th Avenue starting from Polk. The event is held every Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and will run through October 14th this year.

As I attended the market for my first time, I noted there were a number of local vendors who were selling products they had made themselves. I suspected there may be some good stories behind these (mostly young) entrepreneurs so I began to ask their permission for short interviews. There are a couple of aspects to the market I have not spent any time covering yet, namely the live entertainment and ready to eat food vendors. But I will eventually cover them as well.

Story Channel - Life Today Playlist

So let's start off with video of a quick walkabout and see who we run into along the way.


 The Amarillo Community Market is sponsored by City Center of Amarillo.

Now let's meet some of the local vendors I have had the opportunity to interview along the way.


Skip's Salsa


Click for Website.


The Spice Gal

Click for Website or Facebook Page


Smoke Wagon Beard Balm 


Click for Website or Facebook Page.


Nutrify Skin


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Texas Tornado



Entertainment Dave Martinez: Mighty Fine (Original)



The Green Bug



Cadence's Canine Creations


Click for Facebook Page.

I will continue to add more material as I revisit the Amarillo Community Market.