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Walking History Tour

Miami is a fairly small community and most of the historical sites are within an easy walking distance from the Roberts County Museum. The digital tour guide mobile app iTour Go! will help you discover some of the more significant buildings and sites and is available for free using iTour Go!.

Discover where the first bank was doing business in 18**, how the county school system has changed since 18**, the locations of early churches and saloons and much more! Each location on the walking tour has brief information available about each site in the app and a link to even more detailed information on a web page.

To Use This Tour

First, you will need to download the iTour Go! application from Google Play Store. Once the app is installed on your Android mobile device, you can use the regional listing option which works best from your current location.  If you are already in Miami, simply press the View Attractions & Tours button to see a listing of attractions and tours in the area.

Tap on the listing for Miami History Tour to see a detail page including a link to this page.  Tap the ==== icon to download the free tour.  Photos and brief information for each stop along the tour will be downloaded to your device using storage on your SD card if available.  Once the tour has finished downloading, tap the My Tours button and the tour will be listed. Tap on the listing then tap on the === button to begin the tour.

NOTE: All listings of Attractions, Tours and Tour Points of Interest will be listed in order of proximity to your current location. The distances shown to each POI are "as the crow flies" distances, not navigational distances. Tap on the round Google Maps icon if you need help navigating your way to the site.  If you are using a mobile device such as a tablet with only Wi-Fi internet data service, you will not see icons or links available to detailed web pages or Google Maps if no data connection is available.  The tour information is still available along with proximity alarms if your device has GPS hardware available.   Please be aware that downloading tour information, viewing detailed web pages and using Google Maps navigation will impact your mobile cell data quota if W-Fi is not available to your device when using these features.


This tour is still a work in progress.

POIs for this tour will include:

  • Roberts County Museum
  • Roberts County Courthouse
  • Ferg's Cafe
  • Oldest Bank Building
  • Cottage Hotel
  • Locke Cattle Co Building
  • Methodist Church
  • Church of Christ Church
  • Old Theatre
  • Christian Church
  • Miami School
  • Roberts County Park
  • any other sites deemed to be worthy of the project.