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YouTube Censorship YouTube claims they are only a platform for legal free speech yet we all know they restrict some forms of legal expression and violate the laws regarding fair use of forms of intellectual property by video creators. Their spurious use of censorship includes taking videos down,  banning them from view, shadow banning, and demonetization. Such actions are often done months after videos have been published with no notice or reason for such actions provided to creators.

Texas Longhorns fill the Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo arena at the beginning of the show. Fourteen working cattle ranches compete for honors at the Coors Cowboy Club Ranch Rodeo in Amarillo, Texas. Each invited ranch competes as a team and only the 12 top teams will be invited back the following year. #CCCRR #Rodeo #RanchRodeo Watch both rodeo shows in full by clicking on the playlist embedded below!

Saddle Bronc Riding The 2019 rodeo season is about to begin and cowboys and bulls alike need some training and experience after a winter break. OH Bucking Stock & Productions provide the location and means for riders across the Texas High Plains to hone their skills on Sunday afternoons. #BroncRiding #Rodeo #Horses

WRCA Volunteers The 2018 WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeo was the 23rd to be held in Amarillo, Texas to sold-out seating. 

Amarillo Mayor running for re-election A new playlist is available on Amarillo Chronicles featuring the people and issues of Amarillo Politics. Election campaigns for May 4, 2019, are underway.