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Texas Horned Lizard in Amarillo, Texas  
Texas Horned Lizard

I have explored the wonders and beauty of the outdoors all my life. I have spent many hours watching animals interacting with each other in their natural habitats and learning about their behavior or just enjoying the sights and sounds which surround me. I enjoy shooting video of nature now and then and now I am sharing these moments with you!

Nu-Blu concert poster Contemporary and original bluegrass music returns to Amarillo when Nu-Blu makes an appearance in concert at the Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian May 11, 2018.  Buy Tickets now!


These videos are a digital reproduction of the original film and analog beta video donated to the Research Center of Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum by Xcel Energy.

Steam Locomotive Madam Queen

The story of the Santa Fe 5000 "Madam Queen" steam locomotive continues in Amarillo, Texas. A city which may have never existed if it were not for the influence of railroads crisscrossing the Texas Panhandle. Instead of me attempting to tell the stories behind the Madam Queen I will instead try to find useful and informative information already available on the web and link to those resources.

Now that winter is over and the majority of development is done on two new mobile apps, I am ready to get outdoors and start having some fun.  The two new apps are focused on travel featuring places to go and things to do.  That means content has to be created for display in the apps. 

I have already begun researching the histories of some of the older buildings in Maimi, Texas as part of a Miami Walking History Tour.  This tour will be available for free in the iTour Go app.  The app will also be available for free in the Google Play Store and at this time, I do not plan to include display ads in the app.