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Amarillo Mayor running for re-election A new playlist is available on Amarillo Chronicles featuring the people and issues of Amarillo Politics. Election campaigns for May 4, 2019, are underway. 

PBR Bull Riding For CharityWho would want to ban a non-profit for charity rodeo video from being viewed from any place on Earth? Well, apparently AC/DC does. So we banned them from the video! 

Pecos, Texas Rodeo

Pecos, Texas claims to be the home of the first organized public rodeo event when a friendly competition sprung up, and on July 4, 1883, Pecos became home to the World’s First Rodeo. Braggin’ rights were on the line to find out just who was the best cowhand in the West.

Dutch Oven CobblerI have a number of videos from Chuck Wagon Cook-off competitions I have covered the past few years and have plans to dive into the details of wagon restoration and building at a shop specializing in them located in Amarillo, Texas. 

Nu-Blu concert poster Contemporary and original bluegrass music returns to Amarillo when Nu-Blu makes an appearance in concert at the Kwahadi Museum of the American Indian May 11, 2018.  Buy Tickets now!