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    Heritage Preservation

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    Impressionist Autumn

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    Dark Energy

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    Crack Of Day

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    A Road Less Traveled

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Cowgirls compete in ranch rodeo.I have documented a number of events featuring cowgirls in competitive events and have interviewed some as well the past three years. So I decided to create a playlist for videos where cowgirls are featured and will be adding much more of them as time goes on.

Most of these cowgirls have grown up on or have worked on cattle ranches but they all certainly have their own horses! The cowgirls could be moms, students, ranch hands, teachers, bookkeepers, and homemakers but they all have stories and experiences unique to cowgirls of all types. So if you enjoy what these cowgirls have said or what they can do please give them a thumbs up on the videos and be sure to subscribe to Dusty Reins Stories and activate the Notifications Bell to stay current on the new videos being published! The videos on the Cowgirls playlist below are arranged from the most current to the oldest.