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YouTube Censorship YouTube claims they are only a platform for legal free speech yet we all know they restrict some forms of legal expression and violate the laws regarding fair use of forms of intellectual property by video creators. Their spurious use of censorship includes taking videos down,  banning them from view, shadow banning, and demonetization. Such actions are often done months after videos have been published with no notice or reason for such actions provided to creators.

I have documented many public community events over the years, most of them hosted by non-profit organizations raising money for charitable causes. I have never charged any money for supporting, documenting and promoting such causes. I document these events for the historical record from the viewpoint of an event spectator. Nothing is added to the historical record except an opening disclaimer of FAIR USE, a title slide, and a closing tag. I have no control over what happens or is heard during such events.

I also record stories told by others. I do ask people to not use any foul language, hateful or racist speech while telling their stories or recording conversations in order to abide by YouTube Community Guidelines. Yet some of these true-life first-hand stories about personal experiences continue to be restricted and shadow banned by YouTube. 

I have contacted YouTube many times about their censorship actions and they refuse to follow the laws of the United States of America and many other countries. In many cases, they never point out why the video has been banned or restricted. YouTube is acting as a publisher under the law, not as a platform by taking such actions against publishers.

Take a look at the playlist of my censored videos below and see if you can tell me why YouTube has a right to restrict legal free speech and fair use in any of them. I record today for tomorrow's history. To restrict recorded history is an attempt to hide the truth forever.