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Pecos, Texas Rodeo

Pecos, Texas claims to be the home of the first organized public rodeo event when a friendly competition sprung up, and on July 4, 1883, Pecos became home to the World’s First Rodeo. Braggin’ rights were on the line to find out just who was the best cowhand in the West.

I have documented a number of rodeo events in the West Texas region and will continue to do so to help preserve the heritage and traditions of the sport as it continues to evolve. There are professional rodeos sanctioned by professional rodeo organizations featuring rodeo cowboys and cowgirls who compete professionally for ranking and prize money. Then there are ranch rodeos where the participants are not competing on a semi-professional or non-professional basis and there are working ranch rodeos where the participants compete as a working ranch team and are normally employed by the ranches they represent.

The playlist of rodeo events below represent the last two categories mentioned above and the majority of them were recorded at an annual county community celebration or were organized by non-profit organizations to help raise money for charitable purposes.