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    Heritage Preservation

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    Impressionist Autumn

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    Dark Energy

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    Crack Of Day

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    A Road Less Traveled

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These videos are a digital reproduction of the original film and analog beta video donated to the Research Center of Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum by Xcel Energy.

Dusty Reins Stories has been authorized by the Research Center to make this video available to the general public.

For more information about this film and other materials archived at the Research Center, please go here. http://www.panhandleplains.org/p/research/281


SPS Texas District 1939 (silent film)



SPS New Mexico District 1939 (silent film)



SPS: Electric Power Building for the Future (1949)



SPS: High, Wide and Handsome (1951)



SPS Your Electric Servant Amarillo (1962-64)



SPS Go Southwest Young Man (1962-64)