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Bronc RidingBronc Riding 2020 is finally here! Starting off with the Colorado Championship Ranch Rodeo I will continue to cover as much as I can despite the COVID-19 lockdowns and cancelations. BroncRiding has been one of the most popular events in most rodeos for more than 150 years. The skills of horse and rider are pitted against one another for eight seconds to achieve a qualified ride where points are awarded to the performances of horse and rider to reach a total score. There are three major types of competition including Bareback, Saddle and Ranch Broncs. This playlist on Dusty Reins Stories includes all three types. #BuckingHorses #BarebackBroncs #SaddleBroncs #RanchBroncs #BroncRiding 

Texas Horned Lizard in Amarillo, Texas  
Texas Horned Lizard

I have explored the wonders and beauty of the outdoors all my life. I have spent many hours watching animals interacting with each other in their natural habitats and learning about their behavior or just enjoying the sights and sounds which surround me. I enjoy shooting video of nature now and then and now I am sharing these moments with you!

Cowgirls compete in ranch rodeo.I have documented a number of events featuring cowgirls in competitive events and have interviewed some as well the past three years. So I decided to create a playlist for videos where cowgirls are featured and will be adding much more of them as time goes on.

WRCA RodeosAll events from all four of the 2019 WRCA World Championship Ranch Rodeos held in Amarillo, Texas have been published and are available for binge or selective viewing on a playlist on our sister channel Amarillo Chronicles. Add to your YouTube channel library for easy viewing or watch below! #WRCA #RanchRodeo #AmarilloChronicles

Young cowgirl after donkey riding event.Clarendon, Texas is the oldest thriving community in the Texas Panhandle and it is known for its long-standing Independence Day celebrations. 2019 was the 142nd time featuring a ranch rodeo tradition and three rodeos are documented on the playlist below.